SHUNGO (Sungo) No Baccarat life effect? Is it effective? Demonstration data

SHUNGO (Sungo) No Baccarat life effect? Is it effective? Demonstration data

The image that the casino I had so far was gambling

The reputation of the “investment teaching materials” that 더존카지노 can be overturned and the internet reviews and experiences is


I’m very interested, is it really effective?

Is it suspicious after all?

But there are many word -of -mouth that was effective,

It doesn’t seem so bad.

⇒ Take a look at the buyer’s experience

More than 800 people have already learned the logic and the know -how necessary for investment,

He seems to be investing in Baccarat as an investment, and he is accumulating profits.

Check if there is a money -back guarantee,

Let’s try it out.

0 Tweet The casino that had been holding so far can greatly overturn the image of gambling, and SHUNGO’s “Baccarat Life” is a reputation for “investment teaching materials” and online reviews and experiences. I’m very interested, is it really effective? Is it suspicious after all? But there are many word -of -mouth saying that it was effective, and it doesn’t seem to be very bad. It seems that more than 800 people have already learned the know -how needed for logic and investment, practiced Baccarat as investment, and accumulating profits. Let’s check if there is a money -back guarantee and try it out.

“Chrome Hearts” and “Baccarat” will release a new collaboration item on June 1st. Limited quantity of decanter and tumbler glass sets with “chrome hearts” motifs.

It is handled at a limited “Chrome Hearts” store.

Each item has a “pyramid plus” motif with the classic “pyramid stud” and “chrome hearts plus” of “Chrome Hearts”. It combines the world view of both brands and combines a classic body and rock design.

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♡ Popular ♡ 2022 Cheap Chrome Hearts Copy Neck Rom Hearts New Celebrity Celebrities Easy to use

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A day drunk in travel

One day in July 2016, he was on a plane for a short vacation. With her sister and her husband. The destination is Macau.

Busan Air Friday evening at 9:30 pm, Busan will arrive at 6:30 in Monday.

According to the evaluation I learned in advance through the Internet search, Air Busan plane to Macau

1. Low -cost airlines are spacious and comfortable.

2. Low -cost flights are worth eating.

Is that true?

When I arrived at the airport, the excitement of the time later was softened, and the boarding was finally began while the boredom was replacing it. We were twisted by the boredom of time, and we sat down in search of a seat. Oh, but … it’s really. We were surprised that the seat interval was wider than I thought.

30 minutes after the plane took 슬롯머신사이트 off, our sisters became boring. The secret weapon I took out with a smile of conversion. haha. It is a nail to attach.

I want to feel like traveling, but if you don’t have time to nail art, or even if you have time, it’s recommended.

If you take it out, it seems that your nails are missing, but they are adapted. Because it is ready -made, the shape or size of the nails is not very good, but it is quite natural after attaching it. A day or two, I’m surprised when I fall one by one.

* Tip. It looks quite convex, so it lasts longer if you spread it a little in advance to your nails.

After a few nails, I was looking forward to the meal.

Spicy ribs fried rice! It is also a pork ribs.

When I eat a bite, it looks fresh and spicy. It’s not bad to eat. My husband and my husband were scraped, and my sister left two tablespoons.

I was satisfied with the whole to Busan Air Macau, but the time is too late. The flight time is about 3 hours. Since you have arrived about 12 nights, you have no bus, so you have to take a taxi. On the way out of the airport, so many Koreans continue to cling with business cards. Especially for men. Only three minutes from the exit of the airport to the taxi ride, there are five business cards such as currency exchange, loan, and massage.

Starting to the Galaxy Hotel, which had been booked at a taxi.

The taxi fertilizer seemed to be a very ripped off, but there is only a heart. When I go back, I look at the taxi, unfortunately it seemed to be right.

Anyway, when I entered the Galaxy Hotel, the famous diamond show was in progress. and!

We were all together, and we were thinking the same.

“Hey …… But it’s a bit childish?”

It seemed as if the jewelry candy, which was worn on the side of the finger and sucked on the side, floated in the air. But we were as excited. We’ve finally traveled!

I was looking forward to seeing that I made a big mistake while checking in. I didn’t know that I had to show the payment card at the time of booking Agoda. After a long time with the staff, the staff calls somewhere and barely passes with the expression that he will only see this.

Hugh, glad. It’s already been 2 o’clock, but it’s a pity to sleep like this, so I fell asleep after celebrating our vacation with a free mini bar. Sleeping without a baby is sleeping. Bean, I’m sorry. Let’s come together next time.

The performance of the M2 MacBook Air will increase the performance simply by attaching a thermal pad. All you need is to cry even if you are not eligible for warranty. The M2 version of MacBook Air, which has just been released, has a fanless configuration like the M1 MacBook Air. The performance of the M2 chip itself is high, crisp and comfortable, but not suitable for continuous load work. Well, Air is not a machine for the work of using a high load and power. I understand the product theme, but shouldn’t the performance be higher anyway? Then it’s a remodeling! So is it familiar with M1’s MacBook Air? Well, I put a DIY video that paste the thermal pad and escape the heat to the bottom of the body. Open the stomach and put the thermal pad. He is prepared to open a thermal pad of about $ 15 (2,000 yen) for this DIY and a freshly released M2 Air -chan. And I am prepared to not cry even if it is not supported. Just stick a thermal pad. Although it is a simple DIY, as a result, the CPU temperature has been reduced, and the performance is improved by suppressing the performance reduced performance (thermal slot ring) due to heat. After the treatment, the CPU temperature at the time of load was lowered, and the benchmark had a high score, so it was definitely an effective ant. However, as with the M1 MacBook Air, please note that the bottom 온라인바카라게임 사이트 will be fluffy without doing this DIY. If you do not seek the processing performance that is common on a daily basis, I think it is more comfortable to remodel. Also, as I said at the beginning, Apple’s support is likely to not be accepted, so at your own risk! Source: YouTube via I’m worried, it’s a notes …

“FIAT ☆ Pasta dinner at home ☆ Chicken brown sauce & boat -shaped mushroom ☆ Italian cuisine day”

September 17th is “Italian Cooking Day”

🇮🇹 Fiat🚘 After the drive, at his home

Chicken brown sauce &

Funagata mushroom 🍄 Slice

“Pasta 🍝 dinner 🍷” ٩ (๑) ۶?

Very delicious ❤️ Mushroom 🍄

→ & 🇪🇸 Ahijo‼ ️

& 🇫🇷 Bordeaux 🍷

& Sweets & Coffee☕️

◉ “Today, Open Car ☆ FIAT ABARTH & 500C Dolcevita ☆ Godard dies.”

Blog with Narimono Furu

↓ 🇮🇹 Naples, Italy COFFEE☕️ kimbo

◉ “Restaurant wedding ♡ Truffe ♡ French Italian ♬ Wine ♡ life 100 years ☆ Sendai Katsumakan”

◉ “Today is the Elderly Day” Fun Elderly Association & Home Rice ☆ Portini Mushrooms and Pork Refreshing Cream Pasta & Sake “

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “Italy Bologna → France Paris ☆ Eiffel Tower” World of Movie “”

◉ “2022 ☆ French Revolution Memorial Day” Bell Epoch “☆ Restaurant ☆ Paris → Lyon → Arle ☆ Flute”

Blog with Narimono Furu

🇮🇹fiat🚘500X Cross💃 (*≧ ∪ ≦*) ❤️

◉ “311 ☆ Italian FIAT ☆ Women and SUV vehicles ☆ 500X Cross & Sport ☆ Cowholes and concealment work”

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “2022 ♡ Paris festival ♡ Home medical care” To keep the sick from the hospital … “☆ Van Gogh ☆ Japan Diplomacy and Cow Promotion fraud”

◉ “Today is” Okinawa Memorial Day “☆ Return to Okinawa’s 50th anniversary ☆ ☆ Beautiful sightseeing spot” Okinawa “☆ Adult Lv Repair is completed.”

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “BAROQUE ☆ Powell Piccolo 14k Key ☆ America ☆ S.Reich”

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “Autumn ☆ Lefreque Solid 24k & Platinum ☆ Old FL & PICC ☆”

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “World Heritage ☆ Versailles Palace ☆ France ☆ Late Baroque style ☆ A gentle pitch and range ♬ ☆ Baroque pitch”

Blog with Narimono Furu

🇬🇧 New ☆ Women’s Prime Minister’s birth 👩 …

→ Queen Elizabeth

🇯🇵 Former Prime Minister Abe, shooting by an operative, died

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka bankruptcy, the prime minister has resigned, …

Around these people

What happened?

What will happen from now on?

I will pray for the souls. 。

🚢✈️🇯🇵 Tourism revival!

Terrorist and IR🎰 casino

In the nearby overseas countries, internal conflicts, 🪖

Russian 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 …

“Natural healing power ❤️🩹🐶🩹🐶”

It doesn’t seem to be a real family, but …

◉ “To the workplace after a long absence ☆ Spring ☆ Flower blooms ♬ ☆ Russia and Ukraine ☆ Immigration and Legal Zods ☆ SDGs 바카라카지노 laughter and violence”

Blog with Narimono Furu

◉ “Jesuits and World Heritage ☆ Vatican and Japan ☆ From military to art ☆ What is the world strategy of Buddhism ☆ SDGs?”

Blog with Narimono Furu

TOKYO 2020🇯🇵 has ended, but …

Now, the serious “COVID-19🦠 problem”

2020 “WHO 311 Pandemic Declaration”

J.S.BACH “Ciaccona”

◉ “STAY HOME ☆ Pandemic ☆ 311 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction prayer Mass & worship ☆ Internet distribution”

Blog with Narimono Furu “Stay Home ☆ Pandemic ☆ 311 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction prayer Mass & Worship ☆ Internet Distribution” This year’s “311 Great East Japan Earthquake Prayer” The other day, the earthquake occurred again in Fukushima, and Miyagi Prefecture has been affected again. 。 Held at the Church of St. Petero Yamagata … Narimonoflute ❤️ Akiko Kobayashi

Have you ever heard of ‘MAMA: Mnet Asian Music Awards’? If you are interested in music, you may have seen this award ceremony hosted by the cable channel ‘Mnet’ at the end of the year. The awards ceremony, which was held in 1999 under the name of the Mnet Video Music Awards, has been continued since 2009. Since 2010, he has built an international status by holding awards in Macau, Hong Kong, and Japan. The introduction of the organizer, “Global Music Awards, which represents K -pop,” is not unfounded.

If so, is Mama really a ‘Asian Music Awards’? If you look closely at the face, most of the music they deal with is Korean popular music. There are few candidates and winners in major sectors, including the Grand Prize, and Korean singers and Korean works. Singers from South Korea and other Asians, who have played outstanding for the year, are nominated only in several categories, which are separated into the Asian Music Division. Unlike the plausible holes, Mama is a Korean music awards ceremony, which is a Korean, a lot of Koreans, winners, winners and performers.

However, I was doubtful when I watched the Mama held in December last year. Is this really a Korean music awards? In addition to the announcements in the awards ceremony, the introduction of the winners and the candidate introduction on the television broadcast were all in English. I did not mix Korean and English, nor Korean subtitles. Introducing the video of ‘Best Band Performance’ candidates, Jan butterfly’s ‘Thoughts in the Fall Night’, ‘Best Band Performance’, ‘Jannabi’, and ‘A Thought on an Autumn Night’ only appear on the screen It was equation. This song is Korean. Most Koreans may have seen the first English title on the screen that day. There was a statue that was hard to identify the meaning immediately, such as ‘KTO Breakout Artist’ by writing almost all the names of the awards in English. It was a skit.

Because of the music 바둑이게임사이트 of music, I first established a day of criticism, but the landscape of English is widespread in our daily lives. If you have a chance to go to a cafe where young people someday, please take a closer look at the menu. There are more places (I want to believe it), but surprisingly, some cafes write all the items in the menu only in English. Does that look cooler? Or, the younger generation in English is mainly looking for it? If so, observe the toilet signs such as department stores and shopping malls that are looking for without generations. Most of them say ‘toilet’ or ‘RESTROOM’. Even water soaps and toilet paper in the bathroom are often written as ‘HAND WASH’ and ‘Paper Towel’.

Sometimes I don’t know that English is a Korean official language. Even if you try to buy household goods such as shampoo and cosmetics, the outer packaging is full of English. Let’s go to the Internet shopping mall and search the shampoo. Of the various shampoos that fill the screen, there are not many products that are larger than English and are clearly written. The same is true for domestic products that are not foreign. For those who are fluent in English, this is not a problem. Perhaps you have lived well without much consciousness. But many of our neighbors do not. What about the elderly or young children vulnerable to English? They are being pushed out of the big and small information because they are not used to international official language, not their native language.

The problem is not just English as it is. There are many more English expressions that are indiscriminately written in Korean. I went to the music site and looked at the introduction of some of the recently popular albums. ‘Chic Vocal’, ‘Rhythmic and Dynamic Progress’ Many expressions can be used in Korean. Is there a reason why you shouldn’t write a stately posture? Increasingly, living terms are used in English. In a new apartment complex, there was a controversy over the senior club. Aside from the wrong expression of ‘senior club’ (‘Senior Center’ is right), it is difficult to understand common sense.

Excessive English in everyday life is not our own problem. Recently, one of the French Hallyrimwon, the Academy Frances, warned that the increase in English expressions in France could reduce social cohesion. Even if the word and expression of French words and expressions continue to use English, the vocabulary of the native language can gradually become poor and discriminate in the public area. It is not much different from our situation. It has been reported that students’ vocabulary has already been significantly lower than in the past. The decrease in literacy is also serious. The experiences of the old -age population that they had been inconvenient to understand English throughout their lives have now been so special that they are so special.

We live in the age of English and over. It’s not a story not to speak English at all. There is no choice but to speak English. Words from foreign countries, such as the Internet and television, were not accepted early in the name of foreign language. However, the expression that can be written in Korean is that we can use it as possible. It is difficult to think that the dignity of the house is rising because it is called ‘dressing room’. It is the same reason that the Korean music awards ceremony only in English does not immediately become an Asian music awards ceremony. Rather than writing the correct English, it is much wonderful to use Korean familiar to us correctly.

In February, I wrote the importance of speaking the right language in the Defense Daily, and I reached the Hangeul Society. The Hangeul Society is a group that has been trying to research, unification, and development of Korean and writings for more than 100 years since it was changed to its current name in 1949 by the Korean Language Research Society, founded by Joo -kyung in 1908. The Hangul New news has been in the 597th of this month since its launch in 1972. I was happy to be able to write a significant article in a long history. I vowed to save our words more and use it correctly …

“September 2022, 4th week of this week”

The Abe administration looked back on the scandals of seven and a half years.

Liberal Democratic Party = Unification Association KCIA = Katsu Union CIA = Sasakawa Foundation = Restoration Association (Tokyo Minister Fa)

Dictatorship, personalization, corruption, bad guidance of Abe ↓ ↓

Thank you for your hard work.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Area anti -nuclear Union: Statement [Report on suspension of activity]

“The Abe administration made by the CIA does not work for Japanese or benefit.”

> Bring bags in the counting site will be prohibited

Perhaps we have an illusion on the blockchain ↓

Amano Bridge

As an example, I want President Trump and President Distis from Vice President 슬롯머신 Distis. It seems to be exciting. Expectation.

Tan Tonton

As long as the human resources are abundant and enviable.

Daniel Takinosuke

I want many people to recognize that tariffs can be exported as well as imports.

In Japan, Japan also has a hostile attitude to export electronic parts manufacturing equipment and materials!


“Today, I’m thinking of actually calling Han -san.”

I really laughed too much here and I was about to suffocate


This channel will tell you the true joy of learning the history that is not a memorization.

● September 7, 2013 Bid to the Olympics “Under Control” Remarks of contaminated water ● December 6, 2013 forced vote of the Specified Secret Protection Law ● April 1, 2014 Raise the consumption tax to 8 % ● 2014 10 Monday, 20th, Yuko Obuchi resigned by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Drylilled by illegal donation ● October 20, 2014 Midori Matsushima resigned on the “Uchiwa” issue ● July 15, 2015 Security -related bill enforcement vote “It’s unconstitutional” 60 % opposed to the constitutional scholar’s voice and public opinion polls ● January 1, 2016 My Number System started ● January 28, 2016 Minister of Economic Revitalization resigned on the allegations of “creeping” ● July 22, 2016 In the Shiori Ito, Takayuki Yamaguchi was not charged with Takayuki Yamaguchi. ● May 17, 2017 Kake Gakuen “Prime Minister’s intention” Document report ● July 28, 2017 South Sudan PKO Daily Hidden Constant Problem As the “Akasaka Jintei -tei” is given an evacuation order to 110,000 people due to the fire in western Japan. On October 1, 2019, the consumption tax is raised to 10 % ● November 18, 2019 “Society to see the cherry blossoms” problem also came to the anti -social forces ● April 7, 2020 Emergency declaration ○ Sending 2 masks that were taunted ● May 21, 2020 Hirokawa Kurokawa Hiroshi Tokyo High Prosecutor Resignation ● May 28, 2020 Survivable Dentsu Dentsu Suspicion ● June 18, 2020 Former Minister of Justice, Former Minister of Justice. Rie and his wife arrested ○ 2 copies of the masks that made a fool of the people. June 18, 2021 In prison in Kawai Motoni 3 years in prison 3 years in prison, a large -scale acquisition case of the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives in the Tokyo District Court ○ December 17, 2021 From April 2013 Until March 2021, the country’s core statistical survey data for eight years has been tampered with: ○ May 26 must not be considered the same as Trump and Abe. Those who can work and work around Trump and Trump. Abe and Abe are a fool with no bottom. The difference between the heavens and earth is that you can achieve the same thing. You know you too, right? According to the Kake Gakuen article in Bunshun, the gold flowing to Kake Gakuen is 44 billion yen. Kotaro Kake spent 100 million yen every year for meals and play with Abe, and in the Shincho article, there was a voice saying that he said, “How much do you think you are taking care of it a year?” When Akie built a school in Myanmar, he gave money and said, “I built a school with a considerable amount.” It is natural to think that it has been convenient as a 100 million yen entertainment per year and thanks to his wife’s school construction fund. This is a bribe. dotup.org1256343.jpghttp: // 2nd allegations of Moritomo 37 billion yen “Abe Mrs. and Mrs. Abe Mrs. and Mrs. Abe” HTTPS: // November 11 What I want to say to a young person is “just a little, resist.” Now that you are still at your own risk, you are still at your own risk, but your own responsibility and starvation will be at your own risk. Go to vote and defeat the anti -Japanese political party of the self -government. There are only a few energy to vote. September 24 In order to restore democracy in Japan, (1) Moritomo Kake Sakura ② Falcage of official documents by official residence and bureaucrats, the government subsidy passed to Kawai and the acquisition of the election should be clarified. Abe is hiding, controlling the presidential election behind the scenes. To regain serious politics and Japanese social common sense and social norms, it is necessary to reveal and expel Abe’s crime Has been active for nine years since the launch of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in September 2011, but we will report that it will be suspended at the end of March 2021. However, it will not disband until the energy policy is changed to zero nuclear power, and will continue the official website, SNS accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, and the groupware used for operation. October 2, 2020 The Tokyo Metropolitan Area anti-nuclear Union-Metropolitan coalition against nukes –http: // Inose 48%(H24) 2,12,689 In a dialogue with Mr. UJ Channel Hatoyama, “Masuzoe votes = Inose in all wards in Tokyo x 48 % (plus or minus 2 %). The LDP is solved by Tamogami and Masuzoe, and this is established as a science system. How do you see? ” Hatoyama Bashing is bad, so I don’t answer, but it’s not a statement that betrays expectations. Unauthorized elections] The total number of votes and the decrease in the turnover rate should have nothing to do, and Mr. Ishihara’s election results in 19 and 2013 show that, but in Inose in 24 years. In comparison of the election results between Mr. Suzuzoe for 26 years, a strange (active) reverse correlation appears. If Musashi is suspicious, the report that comes out even though the voting is not over is also strange. In the first place, the unusually low turnout is strange. ” @Finalcut0011: This cannot be passed. RT @Murakami1223TA: Sonzaki’s illegal elections in the present age. Intected information, the election of the Tokyo Governor. The U.S. Central Information Bureau (CIA) has been intervening in elections in other countries since its establishment on June 29 at a press conference. And as a story of a US expert. Levin defines the intervention as “a valuable act designed as a selection of two options, and one from two options.” These secret acts that spend two -thirds of time include funding to specific candidate election campaigns, spreading incorrect information and advertising, and advertising in various campaigns to specific candidates. Is to teach and train, help design a policy, advertise, advertise in favor of candidates, and provide or withdraw. You may not know, but for decades, information agencies around the world have penetrated the “target” country by giving agents and spies with journalists. (No, I’m not an intelligence agency.) It fulfilled two purposes: 1) provided a legal coverage to the spy. 2) Spy used the “media” position to form the public opinion of a target country. President Putin argues that the CIA is the government’s plot of the government’s government and has expressed the will of “World oligolopic and NWO New World Order.” The CIA exists as part of the United States today, but is certainly not an American. “CIA doesn’t work for Americans or make a profit.” Http:// Let’s look at the identity of “Abenomics” in numbers. The common people had no benefit at all and only pain remained. Shinsuke Kishi and Shotaro Masagawa were used in the CIA, but this fact was released, but this fact is released. The US diplomatic materials proved. Nakasone and Takeshita performed a casino economy and yakuza politics, and the bubble burst, and Japan rattled. In addition, in the form of SI (structural barrier capture), the hijacking of companies using finance has progressed, and Koizumi and Abe, who followed the Neocon route, continued the zombie politics of the United States. September 17, a machine that skips the electromagnetic wave of the smart meter, will remove it when you call here. 0120-995-007https: // It was easy to say that headaches occur due to electromagnetic waves. Everyone, let’s call for cancer. Lol September 3 Matsuken Samba was created with the feeling of wanting a customer to return with a smile after the stage of Matsuken, but was refused by the record company, so it was sold only at the stage venue, and as a result, red and white. I thought I was completely hip -hop September 17 During this time, I was told that if I shake the beer during this time, I was told that the foam would be fine and delicious, so if I had a beer, I was shaking it. I’m worried that my sister is not going to drink anymore. September 18, Sunday Morning on September 18, where the people are getting worse as the people are getting worse, and the people are suffering and losing their room because the people are getting worse. In the news of Governor Tamaki Denny’s re -election, Hiroshi Sekiguchi said, “I don’t think there is a progress (Henoko problem).” The ball is also indicated. The ball is on the mainland, not Okinawa. Our problem. “September 18 The European Central Bank planning to issue the Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC and Digital Euro. One of the five companies developing prototypes is Amazon. A society where the government & Big Tech monitors who buys and what is steady. September 18! Obtained evidence of intense pressure to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government leaders over the “Redevelopment of Jingu Gaien” by the forest and Takeda’s “back money”. The sludge of corruption is not exhausted. September 17 When interviewing an entrepreneur in a certain situation, a large -scale industry in which the “medium” is protected by the nation while talking about the indignation of the current situation in Japan I want to see it, and there’s no reason for the country to flourish! It was impressive to say. September 18, 37.17 %. Japan, which updated the minimum number in FY2020 since 1965, when statistics began, relies on imports of tofu raw materials and flour that are indispensable for bread, noodles and confectionery, and more than 90 % of domestic consumption. (2022/4) September 19 A reward was handed over to the influencer “PRESTON MOORE” of the platform “Tiktok” owned by the Chinese Communist Party, and President Trump and the Maga Republican Party on January 6th on January 6 Https:// September 19, the advertising executive of Obama, Chugoku Country. The group behind the vicious activities in collaboration with the Communist China Communist Party is operated by the “GOOD INFORMATION FOUNDATION” former time magazine editor, President Obama’s White House staff, and now “RICK STENGEL”, a contributor of MSNBC. In Taiwan on September 17, cesium was detected from Konjac from Gunma Prefecture, and importers were encouraged to return. It is clear that radioactive materials still contain the soil and water in Gunma Prefecture. Although it promotes power shortage and has been inducing nuclear power plants and new construction, it seems that nothing has changed from the time of the nuclear accident. September 19th, the city hall window is almost dispatched, but when I asked a regular staff, “Did you have to make a reduction in cost?” Well, regular outsourcing outsourcing is not suitable, and it is natural that it will increase unnecessary costs. Surveyor’s chairman of Keidanren said that “Japan’s wage level is quite low in the Economic Cooperation Development Organization (OECD).” If you don’t know who the Japanese were in need, you would only be despair and anger. September 20 The median of all households in Japan seems to be $ 25.9k. The definition of poor households in the US HSS is around $ 26.5k for household income of four families. It trembles. September 20 If the wages of workers are lowered, domestic demand will decrease. If domestic demand goes down, the economy will be depressed. Naturally. The Japanese economy is on the verge of collapse due to the thoroughly lowering workers and the Liberal Democratic Party’s politicians in “My First”. September 20 Why does Japanese salaries increase? That’s not because the Japanese are lazy. On the contrary, I work hard every day. Nevertheless, the wage does not rise. I have to think that the cause is beyond personal efforts. #How about how the wages of the Japanese will rise on September 20, 50,000 yen benefits on September 20, the construction expenses of 51 billion yen will be done. The members of the Diet and their friends are moisturized. September 21 Primary Balance A word that sounds cool. The declaration of a strange system paid by the sovereign citizen of the government’s money used by the government. An occult that looks like a bankruptcy even though it is a monetary currency. The domestic territory is sold and the ethnic territory is purified … it disappears 😰 There is no apology to the ancestors. I feel like there is no … https: // Surely Chairman Volosine “If the people of Donbus show their intentions to become part of Russia, we will support them. Https:// Lugansk People’s Republican Republic Russian Federation of Russia, such as Zaporyja and Helson Sign a law related to the law about Council on the Council on the Russian Federal Residents Party on September 23 to 27, 2022, 2022, 2022 Submitted to the Lugansk People’s Republic of the People’s Republic of the Lugansk on the same time on September 22, the chief of Caddirov said, “The Western countries, especially the United States, will take responsibility for the occurrence of new Chernobyl” “Damage the cooling system of the Zaporyja nuclear power plant. The shell was found to have been shot from the launch device provided by the United States. “” The United States has a past that destroyed Japanese cities with the atomic bomb “ A special military operation in Ukraine has died in a special combat on February 24, Monday, and a total of 5,937 Russian soldiers have died. Meanwhile, Ukraine has announced 61,207 soldiers, and has been released by Minister of Defense Sergey Shisi Russia. The Ukrainian army has died about 10 times the soldiers of the Russian army. September 23 I think it’s because of the media, but there are many people who misunderstand it. (Originally, it is not for the general public because it is a convened to a person who belongs to the army.) 🙅♀️ Struggling with Ukraine. The whole area has been released on September 22, September 22, and the Ukrainian army can be pushed back under the full backup of NATO, whose harassment from Ukraine has continued to be harassed by Ukraine against the nuclear power plant. On the other hand, Ukraine, which has not been made, will be banned from leaving the country from October in October, so the new law of the Kiev administration will be enforced on September 22, which is more close to the total mobilization, so Russia will be in the future. If you receive support or say parent -in -law, Donetsk is still in a tragic situation that is still bombardment from U as ever, and is not tweeting much now. However, I watch images from the site every day and are dying for civilians September 22 * Full speech Full sentence: The current status of Donbus Reason for mobilizing the current status of Donbus is the western country. Attached 9.20 History 09-22 The world’s largest rice export country is suddenly an impact on export tariffs and the largest rice import country, China? Anime where historical greats refuse modern people [41st]

About Asagi Ageha, I would like to talk about the performance pattern at the Shibuya Dotonbori Theater in March H31, based on the title, “The song is drama, the stage is a drama, and the sadness of spring.”

She appears at the Shibuya Dotonbori Theater in March of H31.

This week’s incense board is as follows. (1) Mao Shoda (Dodo Drama), (2) Meno (TS), ③ Yui Aoyama (Toyo), ④ Asagi Ageha (Free), ⑤ Izumi Aino (Dolphin), ⑥ Rainbow (Sapporo New Casino) [Her title omitted] 。 This week is the 21st anniversary of Nijiho.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the graduation ceremony. That week, I was only concerned about the anniversary of Mr. Nijiho. I go to the theater all year round, so I often remember the season with dancer. That was the spring performance of Asagi Swallowtail this time. “The graduation ceremony is out. Let’s make it last week! I decided on the fifth day of this week. I’m sorry to be rough because it was steep … I will only put it out. Please decide the title. ” I was planning to go to the next Toji, so I wanted to report in commemoration. It’s a rare outfit that will be read this week and the next Toji.

First, I will introduce the contents of the performance.

First, she appeared in a woman’s hakama suitable for the graduation season. A coordination of wearing a black hakama on a kimono with a red and white floral pattern, such as the manga “Hikara -san passes”. Her head has a red ribbon.

It is also Otsu that cherry blossoms are attached to the top of the tissue on the stage.

Dance barefoot and dance according to the music.

The first song is Lecca’s “TSUBOMI feat. Kyushu Man”. An impressive melody that feels like a spring breeze. Even now, a young, straight love bud. The whereabouts of a painful love with the long -standing partner are spelled. I want to touch this song a little more later.

The music changes and I change clothes.

This time it is a modern -style sailor suit. A dark blue ribbon is tied to a white blouse and a gray cardigan on it. The skirt is a white and dark blue plaid. Wear black socks.

Show off the dancing of the cricken to the music. This is the topic of “3rd year A group morning gymnastics”.

Nippon Television Sunday drama “3rd year A-Everyone is a hostage from now on” was the most noticeable in the 2019 winter drama. In this drama, the staff of Kaiki High School and the students who play Kazusa Hiiragi, who plays Masaki Sugata, have become a hot topic. It is a crisp dance that is the opposite of the so -called morning meeting image.

By the way, Akihiko Matsumoto is in charge of this dance song. He is a great person who has a career in charge of the music of the “Dancing Daikai Investigation Line”.

The music changes to Angela Aki’s “Letter -Dear Sir 15”. Angela Aki’s eighth single.

It is a song that arranged “Letter” (arranged by Hiroaki Takaba), which was written as the theme song of the 2008 NHK National School Music Competition Junior High School Club for his own singing (arranged by himself), and is from Cast. It is 4 semitones (long and three times) lower than the song and the theme song. The song was created in the wake of her letter from her mother on her 30th birthday when she was 15 years old. The lyrics indicate that 15 -year -old “I” will live now by writing “letters” by addressing her worries to the future.

It’s a stylish production to use a tissue hanging on the stage as a swing. Enter the tissue performance as a sailor suit.

Then, change from a sailor suit to an OL -like costume. Is it the image of graduating and finding a job? Hold a black bag on a white shirt and black skirt. I wear glasses. Wear black shoes.

To the bed show as it is. Take off your black shoes. Wrap a white panties around your right wrist. Pink nail polish is crisp.

The bed song is the song “Thank you” by FUNKY MONKEY BABYS.

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS is a Japanese three -person music group in Japan. Formed in 2004. The entertainment office I belonged to was Ido Entertainment. The record company I belonged to was Dolly Music. The abbreviation is “Fanmon”. The former official fan club is “Monkey Studies”. Dissolution in 2013.

After watching the stage, I wanted to say “Thank you” to Mr. Shagha.

I immediately wanted to write a show report and asked Ageha for the song name.

Spring is cherry blossoms, but cherry blossoms quickly scatter. I understand the feeling that Swallowtail says, “Spring is painful.” As a symbol of cherry blossoms, he graduates, entering and employing a job, and experiences parting and encounters with people. There will be pale love. It is short and thick, reminiscent of the youth era I spent hard.

Mr. Ageha says it is a work that he wanted to make suddenly, but he expresses such thoughts well by choosing a good song. It seems to be as expected.

Each song has their own dramas, and they are producing a drama as a spring performance while they are put together in one stage.

This time, I had a new song and a place to meet a new musician. I mentioned earlier that Ageha’s stage is a song of the song!

First of all, I liked the first song “TSUBOMI” and listened to it many times online. This song understands the lyrics and can only be found good. LECCA (Lekka), who is singing, is also 40 years old in the same year. He sings with the charm of adults with fat on 룰렛 both singers and humans.

This song was released on April 28, 2010, and ranked first in the wired and chaku -Uta chart. I heard it for the first time, but it’s a very well -known song. (Hereafter, I will describe it based on Ai Oka’s commentary articles I saw on the net.)

The configuration in which the protagonist, a woman who recalls her past memories, expresses her feelings very realistically. And in the rust, the singing voice of the two is mixed together, showing overwhelming power.

First, let’s consider the meaning in the title.

The title “TSUBOMI” is literally a flower “bud”. Usually, in love, the state before the thoughts are connected is metaphorized with this “bud”. And “flowering” is a proof that love has been fulfilled.

In some cases, people who are still growing are described as “buds”. A young man in an immature state who has not become an adult. It’s time to find out what kind of flower it will be.

From these two points, it can be presumed that “the whereabouts of romance” and “love of a young age” are expressed in this title.

The men and women in this song seem to have spent a long time. “We didn’t know anything, and eventually from her buds to adults.” And they grow together from adolescence to adults.

Generally, a man and a woman intend to reduce the distance from a woman who liked the man at first, and after the fulfillment of love, the man was satisfied with the result, and then tried to leave the woman. increase. A man instinctively seek freedom (so he flirts). At that time, I will do my best to keep the woman away from the man. Hopefully they will be GOAL for marriage. However, if the gears do not engage well, the relationship will disappear without continuing. This song expresses such a gender relationship and the subtleties of each other at that time. It is just one drama. So I think it’s drawn into the world of songs.

“At night and noon, you stayed at the time of her buds.” And they acknowledge the “separation”.

“The spilled tears are the two buds, the two buds, who have become adults who have become adults.

Certainly, “buds” in the sense that two people grow up seem to have bloomed. However, the other love “bud” died. And tears overflow are tears.

But the two of them will continue to shine in their hearts only for the memories of spending their precious youth together.

So far, listening to this song, “Spring’s sadness” has reached its peak. (smile)

By the way, I knew both Lecca and Kyushu man for the first time, and I was interested in these two. Leave what you have checked on the net.

LECCA (Lecca, February 26, 1979 -now 40 years old) is a Japanese reggae singer and politician. She is a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (1st term). She realizes her real name, Reina Saito, and she uses Reina Saito as a common name during political activities. She is from Koto -ku, Tokyo and lives in Tama City. She graduated from Waseda University’s Faculty of Political and Economics. She gained her popularity in her Hokkaido with her own radio program, and she broke with a song called “For YOU” released in 2009.

Kyushu man (Kusoo, October 24, 1978 -now 40 years old) is a Japanese male singer -songwriter. He is from Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu. He has a blood type B type. His office is Ens Entertainment. He was 19 years old and was impressed with reggae and stayed in Jamaica for about two years at the age of 21.

They are connected to reggae !!! I’m surprised that Lecca is a politician.

Another thing was done by the last song.

Or rather, I was impressed by watching the MV on the net. It seemed that the taste of pacific saury who appeared there was the best. He appeared in this MV without a gala. It is pacific saury -san.

Also, when I wanted to listen to other songs of Fanmon, celebrities were appearing on the MV in all songs, and I looked into it. FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, where you can put a drama on one song, is the best. I met a wonderful group, but I knew that it was already dissolved, and I felt the sadness of spring. This song “Thank you” becomes their last single.

Once again, it was thought that the song was a drama, and I felt that Ageha’s stage, who uses the song, is another drama.

In Shibuya, I wrote a theater report in this way only twice, but while writing, it seems that it is too wasteful to look at it at the next Toji. It’s a seasonal pattern, but I want to watch it in Toji even if it’s not. I’m looking forward to seeing what this work will be in the high Toji theater with a high ceiling.

March 2019 at the Shibuya Takao