[Breaking News] 2022 NFL Doraft Jets features 32 32 players with good nomination (BBM Sports)

The US Professional Football, NFL’s 2022 draft, was nominated for the second day in Las Vegas, Nevada (Japan time 30th). In the two rounds, RB (3 people) and TE (1), who were not nominated in the first round of the previous day, were selected. In addition, there was no QB nomination, so the QB of the top 64 players remained only one. This is the first time in the last 20 years. By team, Jets has been nominated for the day before, with Jets acquired the top rating of Brace Hall (Iowa State University) in RB. [In the flashy Maskman cosplay] NFL draft is a festival that can be enjoyed by all 32 teams. ■ 2 rounds 64th place Denver Bronkos Edge Nick Bonitu (Oklahoma University) Speed, quickness, balance, and mass -produced QB sacks. He has the ability to spy QB. In Bronkos, it is likely that you will be able to participate in rotation first. ■ 2 rounds 63rd place Buffalo Bills RB James Cook (Georgia University) The younger brother of Darbin Cook in Vikings. With a versatile back similar to his older brother, he has a smooth running on the outside and the ability to play slot receivers. His power and durability are question marks. ■ 2 rounds 62nd place Kansas City Chiefs S Brian Cook (Cincinnati University) Ideal size and arm length. His speed is average, but it also supports a deep pass cover and a ranstop in shallow areas. He is expected to be a kettle of Thailand Matthew. ■ 2 rounds 61st place San Francisco 49ers Edge Drake Jackson (USC) With blessed physical abilities, not only edge rush but also pass cover. Total 2 intercept. At the time of Jackson’s birth, there is an anecdote that his father asked him to write “USC’s starting LB, 260 pounds” in his birth certificate. ■ 2 rounds 60th place Cincinnati Bengals S Cam Taylor Brit (Neblaska University) Bengals is nominated for DB following one round. He is a tuckler who has participated as a CB and nickel, and is likely to be nickel appointment in NFL for the time being. He takes advantage of the experience of QB in high school in the player. ■ Two rounds 59th place Minnesota Vikings OG Ed Ingram (Louisiana State University) ESPN, a US sports bureau, said, “There were five G on the board than the Ingram.” He has been playing 12 games immediately after enrollment, but has been in trouble with off -fields and has been suspended for one year. ■ 2 rounds 58th place Atlanta Falcons LB Troy Andersen (Montana State University) Saints Taisam Hill is a defense. He left a track record as a QB, but was turned on defense to go to NFL. He is LB in size, but 40 yards are 4 seconds 42. ■ 2 rounds 57th place Tampa Babay Buchanars OT Luke Goods (Central Michigan University) An OL that sells compassionate lamblock. His efforts changed his life. He was TE at a Div.3 university, but started for one year and transferred. He increased by 45 kilometers with his obsession with a wet training to T and became T. ■ 2 rounds 56th Dallas Cowboys Edge Sam Williams (University of Mississippi) 191 cm 118 km, but with a tremendous speed 슬롯머신 of 40 yards 4 seconds and 46. He is a high -level SEC and has a track record of 12.5 sack last season. If he raises well, he can become a top -class pass lusher in NFL. ■ 2nd rounds 55th place Arizona Cardinals TE Tray McBride (Colorado State University) Now the first nomination of the draft. His athletic ability and sense are outstanding, and last season has been more than 1000 yards after a long absence as a college TE. In Cardinals, he seems to be interesting for Parsonel, who puts two TEs with Zack Arts. ■ 2 rounds 54th Kansas City Chiefs WR Sky Moore (Western Michigan University) QB and DB in high school. He was 40 yards 4 seconds and 41 speeds and was selected for the All Mac last season. Can he be the successor to the transfer Tyrik Hill in Chiefs? ■ 2 rounds 53rd place Indianapolis Coltz WR Alec Pierce (University of Cincinnati) 193 cm 96 km, 40 yards 4 seconds 41, vertical jumps have a superhuman physical ability of 1 m or more. The tall Pitman JR and the combination in Colts are likely to be a threat. ■ 2 rounds 52nd Pittsburg Stillers WR George Pikkens (Georgia University) Last year’s tall and pleasant foot WR who returned in the same season, tearing his front crucual ligament in the spring. Stillers has nominated the receiver for the second round for the sixth consecutive year. ■ 2 rounds 51st place Filadelphia Eagles C Cameron Jargens (Nebraska) Low center of gravity and stubborn body and long arms. He has a quickness that grows into an effective zone blocker if he improves footwork. As the name suggests, German. ■ Two rounds 50 Patriots WR Thaikwan Songton (Baylor University) Combine in March of 40 yards 4 seconds 28. He has the best record of 100m10 seconds 50 and 200m21 seconds 07. He is more than 190 cm tall. ■ 2 rounds 49th place New Olinz Saints CB Alonae Taylor (Tennessee University) A large CB converted from WR. He uses his long arm to press the receiver and forcibly change the route. He has 40 yards with an elite speed of 4 seconds 36. ■ 2 rounds 48th place Chicago Bears S Jakuwan Briscar (Pennsylvania State University) Large S. He has 400 plays in S, 100 plays on ILB, and 100 plays in CB. He is also attractive for leadership. ■ 2nd round 47th place Washington Komanders DT Fidalian Matis (Alabama University) Alabama’s top -class Inside DL. He is an ideal size, has a high athletic ability, and is resistant to pass and run. He was active only in four years, but he is also thick in the university. ■ 2 rounds 46th place Detroit Lions Edge Josh Josh Pascal (Kentucky University) Kentucky’s first leadership, the leader of the first three seasons, is attractive. He is a pass lasher who is also strong in lampray, has a low center of gravity, and shows strength at attack points. ■ 2nd round 45th place Baltimoa Ravens Edge David Ojabo (Michigan University) Michigan, now a pass lasher alongside Hatinson, the total of the draft. His speed is more than Hatcinson, but it is a profitable Achilles tendon. Will it be a participation from the latter half of the season? ■ 2 rounds 44th place Houston Texans WR John Mecha III (Alabama University) One of the two major ace of Alabama, which has become one of the most in the United States the “receiver manufacturing factory”. He could have a first finger name without injuries at the end of last season. His mother is Taiwanese and the current nationality is Canada. ■ 2 rounds 43th place New York Giants WR Wondale Robinson (Kentucky University) A multi -parpass player that can also RB. After transferring to Kentucky, he had his talent as WR. 40 yards is 4 seconds 44. ■ 2 rounds 42nd place Minnesota Vikings CB Andrew Booth JR (Cremson University) Athlete with excellent body control and explosive acceleration. He has the sense of smell of a play maker. The ranking was reduced by the injury before the draft. ■ 2 rounds 41st place Seaters Hawks RB Kenis Walker III (Michigan State University) One of the top rbs in the draft. He is short but powerful, and the run after the contact is true. He is 4 seconds 38 for 40 yards. ■ 2nd rounds 40 yards 4 seconds 53, vertical jumps of 97 cm, with Seattle Sea Hawks Edge Boy Mafe (Minnesota University). He was a pas rush -specific player, won seven sacks last year and a Senior bowl. ■ 2 rounds 39th place Chicago Bears CB Kailer Gordon (University of Washington) CB is an ideal size and acceleration power. He is also excellent in response to the ball and handling. His assignments are play lead and reaction. He said he was “gambling too much.” ■ 2 rounds 38th place Atlanta Falconz Edge Arnold Ebiketi (Pennsylvania State University) Temple is an unknown era. After transferring to the prestigious pen state, he broke. Will the number of QB sacks to bring vitality to Falconz Defense, which is the lowest in the league? ■ 2 rounds 37th place Houston Texans S Jaylene Pitry (Baylor University) One of the greatest players of Baylor last season. He has no size, but the quickness in a narrow area is the top class. The challenge is whether he can protect deep. ■ 2 rounds 36th place New York Jets RB Breath Hall (Iowa State University) Jets has continued. The hole, which is now the first draft as an RB, is a gem that is not strange in one round of the year ago, and is compared to Stillers RB Bell several years ago. The 40 yards are 3 units for 4 seconds, and the path eleves are clever, and NFL has an immediate expectation. ■ 2 rounds 35th Tennessee Titans CB Roger McLearly (University University) Last season, all SEC was selected, all -American was the best College’s ability CB. He contains the opponent’s receiver with a one -on -one press cover. ■ 2 rounds 34th place Green Bay Packers WR Christian Watson (North Dakota State University) Now the draft WR boasts the No. 1 athlete ability. He is 193 cm 94 kg, 40 yards is 4 seconds and 36, and a long jump is 345 cm. The stats were mediocre last season because the QB after Tray Lance went to NFL, but it could be a bigger way depending on the QB. ■ 2 rounds 33rd place Tampa Babay, Buchanares de DT Logan Hall (University of Houston) Tall pass lasher. He is 198 cm 128 kg and the bench press has the power of MAX170 km, but the 40 yards are at 4 seconds 88.

No Korean visa is extended

2 months of September October

I’m happy

I’ve only been to paradise city 😅

Other than paradise city

Most of the shopping was Myeongdong

Mei -dong is quiet now, so

Shopping and meals nearby at a hotel with a casino

Is there a place where you 솔레어카지노 can enjoy it as you can?

I want to go to a different place

Please tell me those who know

A walk trip between two men and women ➕ Because it is a casino

I don’t need sex appeal!

Hokkaido -Sapporo (Tachichi, Sushi Musou, Fish Aperment) ~

Hokkaido -Sapporo (Tachichi, Sushi Musou, Fish Aperment) ~

This trip across her birthday, my husband’s friend N recommended three recommended shops. I would like to upload it individually, but I will summarize it because the number of Hokkaido articles has already increased (I’m sorry I’m hungry and I’m worried.) 17:30 The planned airplane was delayed by one hour, so the meal started. It was from 20:00, but Hokkaido -only Sapporo Classic student, Junsai Jakijaki’s rock mizuku crab vinegar

Plenty of fresh salt waters on the crushed eggplant, local vegetables and scallops. Tuna and flat sashimi, Hokkaido Junmai sake.

It is a thickness that has never been noticed (I think it was), white beef shabu ponzu vinegar, which has never been noticeable. I have never seen it (I think it was), white beef shabu ponzu. I liked the fried noodles, the fruits kingmelty from the road, and the reddish peaks. I like cooking. Day 3: On the night when I returned from Otaru, I went to 크레이지슬롯 Sushi Musou. The dishes will come out in order with the recommended sake. Sapporo She is buried in Matsumae seaweed, which is so large that she is born for the first time in Edelpils and clams. In the middle of the photo, the shrimp salted salty is a zoi that only fried in Ito -ni Wakkanai. Lively scallops that are about three times the hair crab, crab miso, raw tatari grip, and shari. After drinking beer, it will pour the recommended sake on the baccarat rock glass. Chiba Koshi, Niigata Tekachiyo, peony shrimp, kinki, large toro, and generals that are delicious and easy to drink, and say that there is no more delicious sea urchin in one year, peony shrimp, kinki, and kinki. Large Toro and the general asserted that there is no more delicious sea urchin in a year, and the fresh seafood luxuriously full. As you can see in the picture, I can’t find any other words anymore. (Vocabulary …) Day 4 After a stroll in Moele Park from Golf, take her to her fish part. Cooking is paired on the course. It is a small corner of an old multi -tenant building, like a hideaway with about 5 seats at the counter. Cooking is paired on the course. Baron brevin, oranges and scallops are scattered with fragrant blue yuzu. An octopus that is cooked and smoked to beets and new ball fruit tomato soups. On top of a souffle that uses nearly 70 % of corn for each skin, there is a sauce of sea urchin kelp chicken chicken in Hiyama, like a souffle that uses nearly 70 % of the sea urchin from Hiyama’s sea urchin. Ai’s pair of soba, this was delicious ♡ Maton caramelize vinegar and potatoes, rose ravian roses. Maton caramelize vinegar and potatoes, rose ravian roses. Claimed Danju Young peach compote, Sake’s glory Fuji star festival. The chef who knew it was a birthday with a toast Ondo, and made it a birthday plate in a hurry. It was not a rare ingredient to eat for the first time. 。 The wine glass changes every time (he said it was the same, but he didn’t seem to be that way), but in a small kitchen, almost no dishes, wine serve and washing were all chefs. It may be because it is prepared properly, but I was impressed. In the morning of the last day, he brought a cool bag he brought, and he shopping for fresh food in the basement of Depa or shopping malls, and lunch at the conveyor belt sushi Hokkaido Shikisai -tei in his Esta I was not hungry, so it is unusual. Only Taraba crab loincloth & this egg.

I received various souvenirs from Mr. N and returned home by NH4724 flight departing from Chitose. I received various souvenirs from Mr. N and returned home by NH4724 flight departing from Chitose. I handled the boiled crab (about 500g) purchased at Marui Imai. I handled the boiled crab (about 500g) purchased at Marui Imai. There was 35cm of the thickness of the body! This trip with my birthday, my husband’s friend N recommended three recommended shops.

| 2022-09-16 16:40 | + Hokkaido | Comments () << Leaf ginger pork winding Hokkaido-Katsura Golf Club and Her Mi ... >>

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In response to Queen Elizabeth’s death, Oscar actresses and Bond actors mourn (Movie Walker Press)

On the afternoon of September 6, local time, Liz Truss, a new leader of the British ruling party, visited Queen Elizabeth in Scotland and was appointed a new Prime Minister. At that time, a photo of her smile of Queen Elizabeth was posted on Instagram 바카라 in the royal royal family, but on September 8, a local time, the Buckingham Palace public relations revealed that Queen Elizabeth died. did. [See the photo] Paul McCartney, who wrote a song dedicated to her Queen, and the young Queen Elizabeth, have died of the death of Queen Elizabeth, and has been sorrowful from all over the world. The British royal family and the movie world have been deeply connected, and Helen Millen, who played Queen Elizabeth in “Queen” (06) and won the Academy Award for Best Actress, along with his Instagram, along with a monochrome photo of the Queen of the Queen. “I am proud of the era of Queen Elizabeth. We are deeply sad about the death of a woman, which was a British aristocrat, regardless of the crown.” In addition, Daniel Craig, the sixth generation James Bond, met Queen Elizabeth at London Premier in “007 Casino Royal” (06), and at the 2012 London Olympics to pick up the Queen in the Buckingham Palace and parachute the venue. He took on the role of a stylish production of falling down. According to “Express”, “Like many people, I feel deeply sad about today’s news, my heart is with all the people who loved the Queen, and all the people who loved the queen. Has left a jumping legacy, and it would make him feel a great sense of loss, “he said. In addition, Paul McCartney, Mick Jaguar, Jennifer Garner, Upy Goldberg, etc. are mourning Queen Elizabeth on SNS, as well as political and business worlds around the world. Prince William and Princess Catherine, who moved to Windsor’s Adelaide Cottage in order to support Queen Elizabeth, who had lost Philip in April 2021 and tended to feel sick, and three children. On September 7, he was attending an orientation to celebrate his new semester at a new school, and in the morning, five people went to school with a smile. Sentence/JUNKO

On February 4, 1845, Kamehameha III III departed from Lahaina on Maui Island and arrived in Honolulu.

The king’s group moved to the newly built building for his daughter, Governor Kekuanaoa, for his daughter Victoria Kamamalu. It was in a good position and the size of the house was right for the king’s demands.

This house was later called Hale Alii, and later became an Iolani Palace.

That year we …

1845 Demonstration 11 years.

On April 30, 1845, Kim Dae -gun and 11 other believers took Rafael and left Jemul Pohang towards Shanghai.

On August 17, 1845, Kim Dae -gun received a priestly order from Bishop Jeff Ferreo, the third Catholic Chosun Dynasty, at the Geumga Port Church in Shanghai.

On August 31, 1845, Father Kim Dae -gun, Bishop Ferreo, Marini Cola Ang Tuan Darblu and other believers left Lafael and left Shanghai.

In October 1845, Kim Dae -gun and his group arrived in Chosun

Kim Dae -gun (金 大建, August 21, 1821 -September 16, 1846) is the first Korean Roman Catholic Church Priest, Martyrs, Martyrs, and 카지노사이트추천 Travels.

He studied in Macau, studying theology, and returned home after studying in Macau, and returning home after a year of pastoral life. In 1984, he was involved in adults with 102 Korean fellow martyrs.

In 2021, he was selected as a UNESCO World Memorial figure.

#Hawaii #Hawaii history #Hawaiian people #Hawaii residents #Hawaii kingdom

Can SHUNGO “BACCARAT LIFE” be used? Experience related to effects

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크레이지슬롯 9 Real estate
• 10 history

How about an impression of an impression sometimes?

Just released the other day,

Acubance’s new ESC “RAD Rad”

Somehow, the latest FET is adopted, and it is different from the other lineup ESC “XARVIS Jaris”.

With the cooperation of RC shop champion, I did a guts.

The machine is Champ Matsushita YOKOMO YD-2S

The motor, the gear ratio is determined,

Accubance fredge 13.5t

Pinoon 20T spar 82T

On the Yachiyo store P tile surface, ESC data was like this.

It is a comparison from Jarvis XX to RAD,

The ease of grasping the grip when the rotation descent is quite good!

As a situation, it is easy to adjust the distance from the preceding car when chasing after the 온라인바카라 run and the angle adjustment.

It is an image that it is unlikely that you will hit the preceding car or drove jerky.

Silky and low -speed throttle response

If you say that the negative element is forced,

Do you want a little more peak speed and a response to the peak with a non -boost turbo?

Since ESC is easy to generate heat, it is essential to wear the attached fan.

That’s what I felt

Even with rough ESC data, the strike zone is quite wide, so

Isn’t it easy to handle even those who don’t have themselves in the ESC set?

It is about 5000 yen cheaper than Jarvis XX,

If it is Futaba Propo, it is super convenient because it can set the ESC with the propo.

Why don’t you consider it for reference?

“In the future Takarazuka seen in the month of the calendar publication”

The month of the calendar has come out.

① Takarazuka Star Calendar

② Takarazuka Stage Calendar

Sacred group

Ryoho Makaze ① April ② January

Junhana ① March ② April

Toa Serika ① August ② October

Minato Sakuragi ① October ② December

Sora -gumi that is most worrisome.

Casinolo wiring ends in June.

Kiki (Serika Taa), who is worried about the dinner show announcement, avoids it in October?

Is the top combination accompanied by a casino? ?

Snow set

Saki Ayakaze ① December ② June

Asami Aya ① May ② February

In the snow group, the Lilac announced the other day ends in July.

Since Saki is published in December, his wife will come and avoid next year’s resignation?

Moon group

Tsukijo Kanato ① June ② February

Mizuki Umino ① February 바카라사이트/a> ② March

Hizuki An ① November ② April

Tsukumi is the only unevenness of Oten Gate? Until 3/6.

That means Tokyo is around April. Is Reiko barely (Kanato Tsukijo) avoid? However

What is Umi -chan (Mizuki Umino)? I think it’s an accomplished type, but …

Star group

Rei Makoto ① January ② November

Hitomi Mai ① cover ② June

Yuria Sao ① February ② May

Akatsuki Sensei ① March ② December

The star set is a New Year’s performance in Tokyo in 2023, so

Of course, the first work is left.

Hiton (Hitomi Maisora) is unexpectedly posted, so it is possible alone.

No, was the cover different?

It’s faster than that …

Flower group

Mitsuyo Yuka ① September ② July

Madoka Hoshikaze ① October ② September

Mai Mizumi ① July ② May

Permanent shining ① cover ② January

Hanagumi is a horny New Year in 2023, so this is also safe for the month.

You don’t have to worry about the month of the publication of Hitoko (Eternal Shira).

I thought about it after a long time.

I’m sorry if the description is wrong.

The person who stroked his chest, the person who fidgeted.

It will be various.

Koemuma was so supported that I was able to see it calmly.

Anyway, I’ll do something about Kiki.

A while ago, I went on a trip with my husband

Over a week,

Grand circle from Las Vegas

I’ve been around.

From Google Map

Divide it several times from now on

The state of the trip and the ones that were good to bring

I’m going to upload it

Let’s go!

First day of travel

From a small airport near the house

Transfer an airplane,

I headed to Las Vegas.

It was a weekday

All 메가슬롯 airplanes

Full of people like tourists

It was crowded.

If you get off at the Las Vegas airport

As rumored, the slot machine immediately

I was excited to say, “It’s real!”

Uber from the airport to the hotel.

To the place where I walked quite a bit from the airport

There was a dedicated platform.

About $ 24 to the hotel.

The driver is a person who doesn’t talk at all

That’s good

The hotel on this day



Because it’s a hotel in the big city

For doorman or luggage carrying

I have to give a chip

I was thrilled,

There is no doorman

Check -in is self -mechanical,

No one carries the luggage

I didn’t have to worry about chips.

The room was very large!

This size is amazing for the location and price ~

I thought,

A hotel in Las Vegas

It costs a mysterious “Resort Fee”.

When checking out

I got $ 45 for one night.

(Higher than the room fee)

Prepare on YouTube in advance

Because I knew the existence of “Fee”

I’m glad,

If you didn’t know it was a scam

I think I misunderstood

Preparation is important.

By the way, the dinner of this day

In N out burger

I’m not in my neighborhood

I wanted to eat it …!

The taste is …


Is it because I was tired?

Potatoes are Mosamosa,

Burger has too much pickles on the front,

To be honest, it wasn’t that delicious.

Well, I’m glad I could experience it.

After eating dinner

Look at the fountain in Belagio

I was impressed by the camera performance of the fountain and the iPhone

A little bra

To the hotel casino


First with Casher

If you make a players card

Points for $ 10? I got it

With that in mind

A casual 1 ¢ slot machine

I tried it.

Because it ’s a casino beginner & vibrant

The bet is 1 ¢

If there is little betting

There are few people,

I enjoyed it

$ 10 disappeared immediately


To the black jack machine.


The rules are easy to understand,

Because the winning rate is reasonable

It seems to be suitable for beginners.

$ 20 charged and with my husband

I tried it on a replacement.

Repeatedly win and lose …

At the end of $ 20 to $ 40

I stopped.

Make $ 20!

The hamburger fee for dinner was earned.

Such like this

Have a good night,

I fell asleep.

The next day with a rental car

To Sedona!


“3rd year UP! GTI”

Today is a car story.

It’s been a while since I bought UP!

I think it was a good encounter with a low -running car of less than 5,000 km, which has fallen for two years.

The current mileage is about 15,000 km in about 20,972km 2 years.

The first thing I customized was the pedal cover.

Also, it is an unknown footrest, continental brake pedal and clutch pedal cover sold at Yahoo auction.

For COX UP! GTI only.

Next, I was worried about the accelerator response from the beginning, and the first one was DTE’s Pedalbox.

The recent car (now almost?) Unlike the Showa car that pulled the accelerator with a wire, it is an electronic trottle system.

It is a thing that changes the mapping of the accelerator opening between the coupler of the throttle.

The settings are “Eco (City)”, “Sports”, and “Race”, and you can set up ± 3 steps based on them. (21 steps)

At first I tried various things.

When the engine is normal, I think that the area around-3 of sports was just right.

When it was “lace”, the opening of the accelerator was too peaky and it was hard to ride. (^0^;)

It was fundamentally not an accelerator response like a non -partbo car, but a little? I feel like it’s easy to ride or the engine response when you step on the accelerator is approaching your senses.

Next is the boost meter.

Pivot’s Compact Gauge52.

Since it was just attached to the OBD connector, it was easy to attach without any specialized knowledge.

I attached it with emphasis on atmosphere, but it is called by -product or a role of fuel efficiency improvement.

If you run so that the boost pressure is not raised to more than one pressure, fuel efficiency will be improved like a joke.

Recently, I changed the air filter to increase the efficiency of the intake system.

It is made by BMC.

It seems that Italian manufacturers are also focusing on racing, etc., and it seems that it can be used all the time with a special oil.

I got a COX 바카라 tail pipe, so I also considered a cox air cleaner, but this time I did not exchange it in three years of disposable.

I feel that it is better to clean every year …

I felt that the impression that the accelerator was improved.

I felt like the torque had dropped in a little low rotation, but after over 2,000 revolutions, I felt like it would blow up at once, and I could hear the sound of a little waist gate, so this may be fine. Maybe.

And I got a COX tail pipe at a dealer last week.

Looking from behind, the normal was one left, but it was two sodium left and right sort.

Normal state

It’s two back

Well, the catalyzer (catalyst) remains as it is, so it was half -confidence to see how much the exhaust efficiency would rise, but it would be a little better because the way of passing the pipe and the diameter was slightly larger.

The sound has not changed much, but I think it is a little lower and handling relationship, but I think that exhaust sound has come into the car. (It’s not unpleasant, but my wife knows …)

Her wife was silent to replace the muffler, but she was immediately exposed …

She was told, “Isn’t it noisy?”

I feel like I got on the accelerator.

The accelerator controller is also set to ± 0 of “City-“.

In sports, wheel spins occur frequently in the usual way of riding, so the torque will come out as a whole.

I want to enjoy how much the feeling has changed by riding a long distance this time.

It is a conversation of Mr. Yatsutsu Ankuma who is familiar with rakugo.

Hachi “Kuma -san, what’s the whole thing that I often hear recently?

Bear “Is it cheese in a round box of 6 pieces?”

Yakka “Kuma -san, that’s 6p cheese”

Eight “I’m going to say that there is no money left,”

Bear “What’s that? Maybe that in Yamaguchi Prefecture?”

Eight “No, I spent 80 billion yen to the casino planned site in Osaka.”

Bear “Do you intend to return with gambling?”

People in Osaka “Is it different from the day of the nursery school in Osaka?”

Mayor “It’s okay. I’ll make it as soon as I make money at a casino.”

People in Osaka “When do you make money?”

Mayor “54 years later”

People in Osaka “I’m a stupid, I’m going to be my child!”

I came to Nikko Yukawa today.

If you look at the badges you can get every year, the latest is 2019. It was a long time since three years.

In 2020, the lifting of the ban in Corona was postponed, and it was not possible to come to the best season, and in 2021, Atom was gone and his feet were far away.

I loved Yukawa.

I bought a fishing ticket at Akanuma Chaya as usual. Looking at the river, it seems that even if it flows along the battlefield, which is below my favorite Aoki Bridge, it seems that the depth of the fish shadow is overwhelmingly upstream.

According to the Yukawa fishing results questionnaire survey, a report was that 30 rainbow 먹튀검증사이트 trout and 10 Amemas were reported in the upstream. This feels like an eyebrows.

Didn’t you write it in Yakekuso?

In any case, the promenade due to a typhoon damage several years ago has continued to be closed.

It seems that the full recovery is still ahead.

Is there a recovery of the promenade in my living?

Arrived at the Yakiaki parking lot after 8:00 in the morning.

There are already school excursion elementary school groups. It’s not early

But I’m glad I came on a trip.

I hope you can make a lot of memories in schools where you have little memories at school due to corona.

While taking a group photo at the hot waterfall, we entered the waterfall pot and started fishing.

I challenged by loinning that it would not be the dry fly season yet.

It may be after the fried man who was there was already attacking the waterfall pot, the right one was unresponsive.

The marker stopped at the left number on the left. Rots root?

The rooted root moved. First hit!

Suddenly big!

Both the rod and the tippet match the size of the fish here, so the rod bends like a full moon to stop the big fish that rushes through the waterfall.

It was a rainbow trout over 30cm.

Is it a guy who has fallen through this waterfall with a height of 110m long from the lake of the bath?

It was a hard time.

Leave the waterfall with two Brooks.

The amount of water on the river is not over yet.

There is an atom point just below, but there is no reaction. Typhoon curry with not enough training.

There is no atmosphere where the water flow is too early and fish is likely to come out.

Is it accumulated in a loose place?

One with a slightly lower curve. One at Junko Point.

I arrived at Kotaki like this.

There was a fried man on the bridge, so I asked him to enter the waterfall.

Then, rises here and there.

Replace with dry fly and compete.

One in the foreground, one on the left side of the fallen tree in the center, one in the back of the waterfall, one in the waterfall on the right side, one more water, so there are a lot of points, so you can catch it with a bad flyman. 。

Several hits under the bridge.

I was planning to go up in the daytime, eat zoni at the Ryuzu no Taki teahouse, and then go to see Lake Chuzenji, but I was already planning to go to see Lake Chuzenji, but in Yukawa. Today is a good day to enjoy.

The promenade downstream from Kotaki is closed.

At present, only anglers can go, but there are few people = it may be a scary environment to appear.

Is it only me who looks back on the back frequently?

It is crazy about fishing and there is no sound and it is crisp with its nails from behind! How terrible situations are.

When I asked the guides who guide elementary school groups in the morning parking lot, I said that I haven’t seen this year yet, but I am not distracted because I have met in the battlefield.

It came out a little below.

The time is over 13 o’clock and it is about to pull up here.

At 14:00, we delivered a questionnaire to the union office and decided to do a little lake this time.

I parked on the waterfall and walked around it, but there was no 2 -byte hooking.

After all the water and fish in the lake are cold

No reflection on the Meiji Restoration.

“It is decided to take the first if you choose with your face with your face youngest, but it is decided to take the first.”

If you think, Cape Misaki donated one month of parliamentary remuneration in the election newsletter as a reflection of a part -time lecturer and allegedly spoofing care.

Is the donation the same as Mr. Yoshimura, who donated her correspondence to her party?

The kind is called a friend, but why are the Restoration guys gathered all this way?

Sadness propagates.

Exactly Restoration Denshin

It seems that you are good m (__) m

“Monaco connection with a gossip girl like now (laughs)”

I was addicted to the gossip girl (laughs)

I had been thinking about seeing it for a long time, but

It’s long until Season 6 …

In June, a new gossip girl can be downloaded,

An article about the original version of gossip girls

It came out here and there.

Started watching in July

On the way, Season 2-3 is in the middle

It wasn’t very fun, but

Season 4-5,

Look at the heroine’s Serena’s self -frustration

See the hero Dan becoming more and more disgusting (laughs)

I want to know the end point of the heroine’s Blair and Chuck’s love

I saw it to the end.

Then, from the middle, “Monaco”

Laugh in various “Monaconeta”

Blair of the main character

She met in Paris

“Monaco Prince Louis”

With this alone, if you are readers on this blog,

You should laugh in the same way as me


Speaking of Louis

Aunt Stephanie

Louis, the eldest son, is real ~ (laughs)

“Well, Louis?”

Push it alone (laughs)

But in the settings

It was this Prince Louis, the Crown 바카라 Prince

So, because the Grand Duke Albert and Princess Charlene have no children

This “Prince Louis” is the next Grand Duke (laughs)

Mom is Princess Sophie

Calorine’s mother is not there …


Can Blair of the common people marry Prince Louis? When

In the spoken scene

“Monaco -ko room accepted by the circus team!”

There is a line, and I laugh again

Because Stephanie Aunt is

With a member of the Monaco Circus Team

It became a rumor

Is Andrea a model?

I wonder if it is a setting that mixes Louis and Andrea …

Such an ennui atmosphere is zero

It was Prince Louis with a serious feeling …


This Prince Louis has his sister’s “Princess Beatrice” (laughs)

“Eh, Beatrice?”

From Bear’s name? (smile)

Beatrice is reading Italy

In English, it’s Beatrice ~

The role of her sister princess appears on the screen

Laugh again

She is somewhat similar to Shal unnie ~


This Prince Louis and the main character Blair will be divorced immediately,

A fashion show where Blair opens after divorce

“As it girl

Have Charlotte Kashiragi come out! !

She is the only person in the Monaco Office, who has a generous attitude to me. “

There is a line to say (laughs)

Well then,

Calorine’s mother is also in the setting?

Otherwise, it’s strange that Sharn’s older sister will come out.

I think

In the setting of the drama,

Princess Sophie, the mother of Prince Louis

She is her mother’s older sister …

Or look while thinking about things that don’t matter

It’s too funny and grin alone

Although it was a blare that caused a divorce noise

For some reason, after that, with her lover Chuck in vacation

She says she spends time at Monaco’s casino (laughs)

I wonder if Monaco was a sponsor, this drama

By the way, personally,

More than the heroine’s Serena

I like Serena’s best friend, the second heroine, Blair,

I like the supporting actress.

By the way, she likes her appearance because she is also very cute,

Blair is a Brunette’s hair and her brown eyes————-

I am a blonde

Blue Green Gray Eye

It’s vulnerable to Westerners ~

Because I have something I don’t have

Watching and loving

This kind of blonde beauty (laughs)

What is a donpisha

The actress who plays the role of Laura in Serena is Ella Ray Peck.

(By the way, the role of Serena

I like the break because it is beautiful and charming,

She is not crazy. )

Scene of Laura and Nate

My recommendation men

Kiss scene with Nate Arch Bolt

Nate is Motemote,

I’m kissing a lot of girls

I like the kiss scene with Laura the most ~


She looks like Beatrice ~

Bear was also a birthday ~

Soon, Pierre’s birthday

I wonder if my family is celebrating

Bear’s opponent is

I can’t think of it except Pierre,

Orthodox handsome

Nate role

I also like Chase Crawford ~


Recently on Instagram

Follow -ups with handsome models and actors have increased …


I can afford that ~

It’s a set with Bear

It’s important in me

I have to come out more often

With other handsome

You will be healed ~

* This blog was uploaded yesterday, but I accidentally deleted it and re -posted it today. We apologize to those who read yesterday and gave “likes” and “comments”.

Fax and floppy disk

This morning, I was watching his Hirobi on TBS TV before going to work, and today was a problem that Yamaguchi and Abu -cho accidentally transferred 46.3 million yen to a 24 -year -old man.

100,000 yen, which was planned to be paid to 463 poor families, accidentally sent a total of 46.3 million yen to this single man’s account.

The money was used up, and the man explained that he used it for the Internet casino, and 34 times were confirmed.

I can’t forgive the act of erasing the money to be returned, but what I was surprised this time

There were various explanations on the system, such as the system, such as “why misunderstandings occurred”, but in one of them.

How! Still in this era! The fact that “floppy disk” is used!

,,, is a floppy disk?

He is no longer 인터넷바카라 antique, in our children’s age. I don’t think you’ve seen or heard.

(Cutting) Arafif, I know, of course, I know that I’m a person who ran together live while witnessing the digital turbulent era, but which country still uses such a thing? ?

Isn’t that a small town hall, even a small town office?

I was really surprised.

There was such a thing last year.

While staying in Turkey before returning to Japan, even if you check the large store on the Internet to order Danna’s desired fishing equipment first, the e-mail address will not come out.

When I was forced to call and asked, there were so many orders and it was difficult to receive an order at each point, so I was terrified by the clerk who felt like the answer from the end of the answer. Since there are many orders, can you send it by “Fax”? “

Do you usually use faxes, even though they have many chain stores? Do you have no email?

(I was a little nervous about the attitude of that person.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m living abroad, but faxes are no longer used, not here. What should I do in this case? Huh (laughs).” , I was a little bit worse.

Regarding Fax, Minister Taro Kono has been mentioned many times, but why did you really miss the digitalization so far in Japan in technology?

* The clerk may not have had an e-mail address in the part-time job/part. After that, I gave me the email address of the person in charge, and managed to exchange orders by e -mail.

Here in Turkey, there was a national personal number (My Number), so

Since the end of 2008, an e-Devlet/e-governMent online system has already been established, so it is possible to proceed with the relevant ministries and agencies, confirm the situation, and issue formal documents.

For example, issuing a resident card with QR code, checking social insurance, checking the payment status, a trial notice, a Corona vaccination reservation of the Ministry of Health and a vaccination certificate (Japan is a manual issued by the city hall). You can manage your account, such as), such as).

(Regarding this, the Japanese may be reluctant to manage all the individuals in the country).

Even the middle -aged country Turkey (even “is very rude to say” even “).

Stray Japan, where are you heading?

Then ~

Please click if you like ~

Nihon Blog Village

Nihon Blog Village

Torque ranking

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Mexico Bernal with the world’s three largest rocks

Episode 22 Bernal Mexico with the world’s three largest rocks

Today is a day to move to Bernal, which is about two hours away from Mexico.

Bernal is also used as a brand name that is famous for honey and chocolate shops.

I slept in the car for two hours moving to Bernal.

In Mexico, Korea’s bedtime was a car to me, so I restored my energy by sleeping for two hours. I worked with my colleagues while working at the time of Korea’s time (Mexico is dawn). (Almost indicator)

The place I stopped by for lunch with a customer was a restaurant with a 600 -year -old tree in the center.

I can see a huge rocky mountain in my place where I eat at the restaurant.

The person said that the rock was the largest rock in the world, but found in the search box, it is the third largest Dolsan in the world. It is a mystery of what the rocks look like and are believed to have been made of volcanic eruptions before 10 million years ago.

Mexico loves fried food.

It’s hard to get rid of my fat, but when I ate the fried chicken with oil, I haven’t been exercising for more than two 인터넷카지노 weeks. I dip it in the sauce, so the taste disappeared and it was worth eating.

Mexico has a lot of cacti, so I eat cactus.

The green is green on the top left of the picture below. After all, human beings want to eat anything.

I watched the cactus in the cactus while passing by the street.

I took a picture with the permission of the owner. Cactus is grilled as a pot, and you can eat carrots, corn and cheese to your preference.

In the Bernal shop, I returned to the hostel after looking around the day of the popolis honey and the soap (Bernal brand is really famous) to strengthen immunity. At this time, if there was no mountain washing soap, there was nothing to wash from Mexico City for five more days. This is why I don’t have to buy it right away.

Healingspots at home and abroad that locals do not know

Suwolbong (Jeju Island Noeul Coast)

Looking for a good background, I found a few decent spots, the first of which is Suwolbong. It is located in the west side of Jeju and the sunset is a beautiful place. It’s a good place to take a tripod and take a night view, so you can see people taking pictures according to the day. A place where the background is distant.

Izu Tower (Gangnam Station)

Those who take the night view are the rooftop of Izu Tower, where the residents of Gangnam are not familiar with. I don’t know if it’s open these days, but you can go up 카지노 the elevator until 9 o’clock, and you have to walk up the stairs after 9 o’clock. If you don’t like a common date, it’s also a good idea to go up at least once.

Coloan Village (Macau)

Roadstone Bakery is a famous place for tourists. I didn’t want to introduce a famous place, but I put it in the same place because it didn’t go well. It’s a little far from Macau’s dense area, but it’s okay to go to this. It’s also a good idea to take a walk around. There are also thieves shooting nearby, so it’s good to look around.

Tsimchui (Hong Kong)

It’s not a healing spot, it’s a night view spot. It may be another charm of Hong Kong to take a night view of people passing by from a famous Hong Kong night view. If you like the emotions of the 90’s or 2000s, we recommend Tsim Shapusi night view.

Shibuya Station

It is a cafe opposite Shibuya Station Gusto. It’s a shopping mall that sells men’s clothes. It is a store building on the first floor. It’s a restaurant, but many people drink coffee. It is a good cafe to go alone and to talk.

Hosenin & Shirahige Shrine

If you take a bus from Kyoto for about an hour, it’s highly recommended if you want to see the scenery. It’s good to think, and it’s a good place for life shots. We recommend that you match the time to go well.

Kyushu Ole Gurume & Gora Mountain Course (Gurume)

If you take a train from Fukuoka for about 30-40 minutes, you will see a rural country with ramen. This is one of the 21 Ollecos. It’s a simple course than other courses, so it’s good for short tracking. The mountain temperature is quite cool, so it’s good to go in summer. Other than that, there are not many sightseeing spots, but it’s not bad for the day.

Fukuoka Airport Observatory

On the way back from the trip, it’s a bit sad, but it’s a good place to imagine another trip while seeing the plane flying. It is highly recommended for those who need inspiration.

It is often said that the production of games is the same as film production, it takes a long time, costs for the first time by sticking to small elements such as stories and characters, but the triple dot studio based in London. (TripLedot Studios) founder asserts, “There is no such thing!” They make mobile games such as simple puzzles and solitia, manage the user’s trends with Excel and understand how much the users have played in 90 days after the release. “We are a very good operator,” CEO Leol Chiff (44) is confident in the operation of the company. Last year, Triple Dot rose $ 바카라사이트 250 % (approximately 27.3 billion yen) to 250 % from the previous year’s advertisements to an estimated $ 30 million. The company’s games have more than 30 million monthly users, attracting famous investors such as light speed ventures and access industries. From April 2021 to February 2022, the company’s evaluation of more than $ 200 million was recently considered $ 1.4 billion, and three co -founders hold a total of about 40 %. ing. The London -based triple dot has gained about half of the user and two -thirds of the revenue from the United States. In terms of game design, Triple Dot completely ignores the gorgeous elements of other game companies and are not interested in metavers. In recent years, Cyberpunk 2077, which has attracted attention as a console game, features a vast story and world view. However, “Triple Dot’s Supreme Product Officer, 38), said,” I don’t know if it would be successful to work on development over two years and spend $ 100 million in marketing. ” On the other hand, last year, Triple Dot, four years old, produced a total of 10 titles, with only $ 8 million in the development and maintenance of new works. They believe that the easiest way to make money in games is to avoid costly development by attracting users with simple and addictive puzzles. CEO’s shif and Chamaidez are both from Israel, and Chiff, who has finished military service, acquired an MBA at Stanford University, established Social Game Startup Product Madness in 2007, and Chamaides joined. PRODUCT MADNESS released a lot of casino -based games on the theme of Las Vegas, promoting it on Facebook, making it known. In 2012, Shifu sold the company to Australian company Aristocrat in the middle of eight digits and undertaken its operation for several years.