“[Pachislot] Super rugged losing deployment, Bancho ZERO setting 6? ! I won more than 5 or more ( ^ 0 ^) v “

Certainly this. 。 。

The setting was 5 or more!

( ^ – ^) b


I hit the pachislot again without discipline.

I wanted to be very good.

I left my car on a dealer for regular inspection of the car.

Arrival one hour early.

That failed.

Crush time at a cracker.

I wanted to be able to escape as soon as the repair was over.

New Hanabi.

Hit 550g and BIG 1 time.



I did it.

Go to the repair shop for the car …

Replace the battery! I was threatened.

The amount is 40,000 yen.

It’s tight.

If you change the battery every two years …

I wonder if the car should be leases.

It’s a moment when you think.

But I don’t get so far

Next six months, I did not exchange here because it was a vehicle inspection.

However, maybe I should have replaced it from here?

That is the situation.

Yeah, I lost 40,000 yen for a while! In a slot.

Also, I went to the pachislot.

Return the first 8K losing.

This time, the fist of Soten while thinking about hitting the battle model this time 4

In the morning, the reel was a kun ♪ setting change.

However, it is possible to aim for the setting, so hit it for a while.

The drop of rare small roles with setting differences is good.

And CZ battle.

… I haven’t been able to win in this CZ battle recently.

Is it a result? I lose up to the other party’s HP remaining 1.

It was like that today, and I lost three times in the remaining HP1 (;.;)

I don’t know.

I knew it.

So, if you have more than 2 modes of high probability panel, if you are going to be more money.

In the 200g range, the gong high probability! ?

This 크레이지슬롯 is two times the difference between the low setting and the high setting, because the setting 1 is 3 % and the setting 6 is a little 6 %.

You had a little high setting.

Furthermore, after the gong, the direct hit AT with strong cherry! This is also about 5 % different setting difference.

Isn’t this cool? I thought.

I caught nearly 500 sheets, and in this platform, it was slightly positive.


The common bell was also set 6 or more, and is it possible to set a high setting? When.

Continued, the gong is again a high probability of 200g. I think that it is more likely that 6 % will last twice than the probability that 3 % will last twice.

I was almost convinced of the high setting.

With a high probability of gongs, we have a high probability of two or more panels, aiming for CZ.

However, even in the two -piece mode and three -mode mode, the CZ battle is a spiritual king.

As expected, it was instantly killed before HP1.

Oh, was the CZ of Soten 4 so hard? ! When.

From about 700g, even CZ doesn’t come anymore.

Or rather, I do not win the CZ with a strong chee, I will move to the highest stage and do it! That was about three times and it was crazy.

What is it? !

Regardless of the panel 1 to 3 modes, the strong chee should be selected for about 93 % or more in CZ …

There is also a direct hit, so I should go 100 % chance …

It wasn’t gradually high! ? I’m anxious, but if you come here, the ceiling is near, so I’m stopped.

By running, I run to the ATM and borrow it to aim for the ceiling (although this action is all over)

The ceiling seemed to be 1200g, but it didn’t seem to have a great benefit.

Until this time, I believed that it was easy to enter the ceremony of the top.

So, I reach the ceiling (;.;)

With stormy weather

Even though it was over 700 left, the cheapest 50 were hit!

Is it shit?

Moreover, even though I ran through 50 on the ceiling, there was no trial to restart.

Miligo Arc de Triomphe was so hard that it was a ceiling one -off (;.;)

At the time of going to the ceiling, there is no high setting, the table is in good shape, or there is no luck today.

Shall we stop here? I thought.

For the time being, let’s do our best for 100g!

Then, in about 50g, we went to the CZ battle from a mere chance and managed to defeat the flame and stop the long -lasting defeat.

This time, the quality is that the smallest number is selected here again.

After that, the god of Soten 4 was sticky, sticky, sticky, and 400g was addicted to win the battle too much.

Did you feel pitiful, again hit a strong cherry AT

However, is there a high setting again? ! I misunderstand (;.;

And it was stormy weather.

This is chosen with 920 of my best and guts pose!

It was, but I ran out of 920!

I don’t know.

After that, I won within 100g and took about 200 sheets.

It’s 100g!

Only strong watermelon was bad and bad.

Other small roles are high set range …

However, there was no suggestion of the confirmed system, and in fact it was brought to the ceiling.

This will not be a high setting!

I’m sorry to judge that


It was good to have less losing even though it was hung into the ceiling and was eaten one shot!

Rather, I lost my money, but with the medal … I had a little extra time.

In the evening, it was a little early, but I had dinner and furniture …

Bancho ZERO

After seeing the history, there were three direct hit ATs … Did you break your heart with a horizontal, not at all? It’s thrown away

Secure the platform that has a strong setting smell without hesitation.

Start after the first ZERO mode.

Then, the point when I was able to train in 3K was a little before 400, so maybe ZERO mode continuation (setting difference)?


BIG is easy to hit … When.

I lamented that I could only get about 40 sheets on BIG.

AT! (^ 0 ^) v

About 500 sheets came out and I was able to start a great start.

After that, the first hit will not be addicted.

Even if ZERO mode comes out, Stechen 0 has a lightning.

This is! High setting behavior? ! It was like that.

However, four consecutive times, BIG is also AT through.

So, the first AT was drunk and chased.

Then, with the BIG that came in with a strong chee or something

In the firstG lunch box?

One shot full tan? ! Bearing (° ◇ °‼) I was really scared.

The AT is now confirmed.

It was about 300 sheets.

This is a calling water, the first hit is light, and the AT is in.

The number of jiwajiwa and medals is increasing.

Is this set 6? It rises to the right with a good feeling.

The panda screen also appears is also featured (although even low settings appear)

I don’t know if it’s a high setting, but I saw the premiere!

Then with the bonus in the summit


Two peak charge! ?

That’s it.

I think you need a stock of this peak charge to win the Bancho ZERO.

Rather than continuing a lot of charges during the charging.

This peak charge stock can handle the number of games of the top 30g x 1 set + α.

Well, this is so great, so I went to ZERO mode loop

There was a high setting suggestion, and I was convinced that the previous person was doing three direct hit AT, and it wasn’t a high setting.

It was confirmed.

Set 5 or more? !


It is said that it is set 6 because it was frequently suggested.

Almost non -stressed, it came out of the ball and the ball went up with a rising shoulder.

Get nearly 3000 sheets in less than half a day from the evening!

It was the best.

+ 50K

Today’s investment amount … 48k

Today’s income amount … 62k

Today’s balance … + 14k

Ooi ( ^ – ^;)

Take it home nearly 4000 sheets.

This is just a plus! ! !


The first investment was painful.

In the fist 4 of the blue sky, the ceiling was put on the ceiling on his own, and he ran 50 copies.

I thought it wasn’t really attached.

Fortunately, it was great to sit for half a day in the estimated setting 6 of Bancho ZERO.

It was good that the first hit was extremely light, but if there is 1500 sheets even if it is not completed even once

I came out more, but …

Well, I don’t say luxury.

Someday, I often lost about 50k! When.

I want to praise myself ( ^ – ^;

But after all, the initial investment has never been made.

The setting guess is good, but if the expectation is out of prediction, you will lose considerably.

However, I thought that the setting 6 of Bancho ZERO was easy to read.

However, I don’t think I would normally be stopped if I did two direct hit AT.

Also, the appearance rate of blue seven, which is a feature of Setting 6, is bad, and it is a little that I could not hit the direct hit AT myself.

I wonder if it was sad.

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