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Something happened? pic.twitter.com/tnik8laf1j – Prince Otsu (@prine_ootsu) April 28, 2022, how did Taro Yamamoto rin from Reiwa in the Upper House election? It is told whether he was quit. The series with Tsunaki Onishi is a guest, continues. In the summer 2019 House of Councilors election, Mr. Onishi was a candidate for the Eiwa Shinsengumi, what was actually happening, what kind of atmosphere was in the party, and why the party was expelled. What is the truth? The Political Association’s official website created by citizens https: //tsukumin.org/… By the way, I haven’t been able to recommend any political parties, but I often watch videos of the Personal Party. The old acquaintance of Mademoiselle Ai -sensei, Shinsuke Arai, said in the question corner of the course, I think that the Police Party is far better than an existing party. In fact, the gambling field is gone in China (Macau), and 893 is gone. As I wrote before, Nishinari has an inn for 800 yen per night, and it seems that it will give you a resident’s card, so the story of Osaka (Bay Area, Casino, Expo), Osaka Restoration Association, Hashishita’s dirty interests. Mr. Kamiya talks about. There are pros and cons of Mr. Kamiya and the Perspective Party, but before that, if you do not know this problem and do not oppose it, it is dangerous. #Toru Hashishita #Great East Asia War #Pacific War #Liberal Democratic Party #Demon Blade “Committee / Personal Party version”! The Upper House election 2022 was held in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi. The other day, the CGS Souhou, Yoshino Yoshino -sensei, and Shiren Izumi (Ketsukachin), who appeared on the “Naoki Momota Channel”, will be released. Many audience visited to support. * Please wait for your evaluation and impressions … I’m sorry that I’m immersed in shipping work and I haven’t been able to reply to the email at all.

We recommend elementary water purifier (shower head and kitchen)!

Included in tap water

Torihalomethane (carcinogenic material), dioxin, chlorine, and other drugs

It is an elementary water purifier that decomposes and removes pesticides and additives with the power of fermentation.

Small and conscientious price!

It’s very economical, but the power is amazing, so be sure to consider setting it on this occasion.

(Reply to e -mail, shipping to those who ordered it is sending sequentially. Sorry for waiting.)

Removing pesticides such as vegetables for drinking water, cooking, gargle, shower, bath, face washing …

I want to use good water because it is water I use every day.

To do this, a water purifier that removes or harms harmful substances and makes good water.

It is not good because it is expensive.

Please check the water quality at home firmly.

Not only the problem of chlorine removal, but also it will not rot for many years if it is sealed, so it will be stored in the room, and if you put the elementary water in a plastic bot in the room, it will be protected from electromagnetic waves. It has a radium hot spring effect …

It’s fermented and it’s really wonderful (mysterious) water.

There were many requests, so we purchased a water purifier of elementary water.

Both shower head and kitchen (with cartridge) tax included 19,800 yen

If you would like to make inquiries or purchase

Please email me to Makite .⬇️.

A must -see! Various diseases in magnesium chloride! Also for immune function

Crystal, rutile quartz, terahertz, Labradorite, etc.

In addition to Terahertz, Stones that are effective for electromagnetic wave countermeasures, Schungites bracelets and objects

(Since the release this month was not in time, the next time we will release the Morganite of the birthstone in April and the blessing of electromagnetic waves containing the birthstone in May).

The next release will be around 22:00 on May 2nd in Daan, one thousand times.

* Shipping will take more than 10 days after payment is confirmed. Please note that we have been waiting for you.

Isn’t it a necklace because you can’t get a bracelet during work this time? I received a number of inquiries with, so I made a full -rerin necklace with the rare stone “Schwannight”, which is said to have the power to block electromagnetic radiation.

↓ (left) Shungito’s Fulleren Bucky Ball Round 4mm (diameter about 2.5cm)

The string is “KOFU” made by artists living in Spain (best friends from elementary school). (Antique kimono fabric: Silk. Solve the kimono, wash your hands and iron, and then make a string.)

Since it is 1m, please adjust it to your favorite length.

Not only as a necklace but also for back charms ◎

↓ This is a “electromagnetic wave countermeasure bracelet” that uses a very popular Terahertz ore as a health stone and a rare stone “Schungite”, which is said to have the power to block electromagnetic radiation.

[April birthstone Morganite x Citrin]

The combination of Morganite and Citrin is 바카라 said to be effective for good luck.

Morganite reminds me of the heart that makes me feel and makes it easier to find love.

Everything will make you feel happy.

Citrin has the effect of circulating the flow of energy and gives you confidence and vitality.

It is a gentle and powerful stone that pushes the owner’s back.

By combining these two stones, you will be able to become a different self.

And it is said that 10 yen coins and copper wires are good for electromagnetic wave cuts.

So, this time, I attached a pine cones charm that has been plated on copper.

It is irresistibly cute for medicinal herbs ❤️

The day before yesterday, I gave a lecture called “Delicious Garden of Chateau Coulance” at Ansty Tichu Francase Tokyo.

Among them, the current owner, Philipine de Ganay, was originally the Novayille family.

Charles de Noireille, a named parent and uncle, said that he was a celebrity of the Earl Deco era.

In such a way, if you learn one, it will be 해외토토사이트 connected one after another and you will not be able to exhaust your interest.

I think it’s hard to find out on your own, so I’ll write it down here.

The ancestors of the Nowaiille family include Duke Noisuille, who had been active in the Seven -Year War as a marshal of the King Louis XV, and Louise Dalpa John, his wife, the principal of the Queen Marie Antoinette. Louise is also known for its noisy female officer who also appears in the manga “The Rose of Versailles” and the queen named “Madame Etiquette”.

It is described as a female officer who is particular about the manners of the queen’s way of speaking, walking, and eating, and being a manner to become a “dignified and elegant queen.” Also, the Marshal of the Emperor Napoleon, who later became King Napoli (his wife, Napoleon’s sister, Caroline), is the ancestor of the Nowaiille family.

His wife, Mari Law, is a family of Bissoffshen, a bank family in Israeli Belgium, who invested in the railway plan and made goods.

Built by my grandfather Ferdinan, a large mansion in the United States Square in Paris 16 wards, which is currently the Baccarat Museum, is a salon.

It is known for inviting artists and female classes like Kira star and reigned as art patrons.

In addition to this, Charles also when the king stays at Fonteen Browl Castle

He loved the Fonteenbrow’s remote shrine and the garden of Glas spent by Marquis Pompadour.

Mari Law asked, “Which did you love men or women?”

There is an anecdote that he answered in the quote, “You don’t know anything! He loved the flowers !!!”

Hakuiism, which both men and women love, are like the privilege of this era,

Nevertheless, they call each other many times a day and say they worked on each other.

Mari Law died in 1970 at the age of 67, but Charles lived long until 1981.

(In the photo below, Mari Law is wearing a stamped scarecelli sweater!)

I think the story of these two will be in the story of Russian Valley, Jean Cocteau, Christian Berr, Chanel, Scapareri, Manlay and Buton.

The story of Mrs. Nowaiille is the winter course in Ansty Tichu Francase Tokyo, “I love you! Maybe you talk in the lectures of Bersailles’ roses. ?

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